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Michael Timms (Fieromonkey)'s Banshee

Front View

This DGP / IMSA Fiero was one of three put together at Great Lakes Pontiac in CO in 1983. Three white 84 coupes were taken and refitted with 3 Race DGP bodies meant for tube frame track cars, and modified at DGP to fit the three production Fieros. The Fieros were upgraded with Superduty Crankshafts, Cams, Rods, Pistons, Heads and valves, Intakes and then Turbocharged.

The Gotti 3 piece aluminum wheels were custom ordered specificly for these three special Fieros. The wheel style and design was typicly only used by Gotti for high end Porsches and some Countachs. The nearly identicle Porsche version cost in the range of $3,000 per set in the mid 80's. Deepdish Gotti 3 Piece 15" wheels give a far more aggressive stance in the back, with a seriously wide rear wheel width.

Heavy duty front swaybars as well as a rear swaybar were added for upgraded cornering. All three were given the same 3 color paint sceme that the original SD4 Fiero had only these three Fieros were named "Banshee" and sported rear fender flare Banshee decals and a trunklid decal under the spoiler which said "Turbo".

Functional Indy roof scoop feeds air directly to the airfilter beneath the decklid vent. With the sun roof off or in the up position you can here the engine sucking in air as you step on it.

This car was the first of the three DGP Great Lakes Fieros made and as far as Timms knows, is the only one of the three remaining today. It's odometer reads just over 6,000 miles. Althought the mileage is low and the interior is near mint, the paint took a beating from being left outside through 5 winters from the previous owner so a repaint is in the works with plans to keep it original with the replacing of the missing decals which have been exactly duplicated.

The Banshee Fiero in comparison to the identicle bodied original SD4 Race Fiero Prototype. Fiero Marker lights were integrated into the DGP race body. Race bodies did not have hardware or cut outs for marker lights.

Interior is still brand new, the original steering wheel was replaced by the previous owner and is stored in the trunk. The Turbo Boost gauge was installed in 83 above the Radio surround. Trans is a 4.10 4-speed. The only option on all 3 cars was power windows. This was to help supliment the larger cost of the Banshee Package.

Rear View

The 3 Banshee Fieros Had the whale tail Wings integrated into the fenders and decklids

The exhaust is no more than Header to Turbo, to glass pack, to tail pipe. Oil cooled turbo charge resides behind the engine ender an aluminum heat shield. The SD head did not allow for Emmisions equipment so they were simply removed from the three cars. The sound is very unlike a stock Iron Duke 2.5 Fiero.

The control CPU for the Holley Pro Fuel Injection System resides in the trunk.

Fuel pressure gauge in line just before the Throttlebody


The Banshee Fiero was on Ebay when Timms bought it. The previous owner lived CO when he bough tit, but
moved it with him to Texas in 1994.